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Yakima Memory Reproductions

Reproductions of the images on the Yakima Memory website are available in digital format. See Copyright & Restrictions page for more information concerning use.

Many photographs in the collection do not have an accompanying original photograph. Photographs were scanned at their original size in 300dpi and in TIF format.

Use Agreement
The Yakima Valley Museum and Yakima Valley Libraries reserve the right to cancel this use agreement after review of the publication prior to printing and/or review of the digital format. The user agrees not to redistribute these digital photographs without prior written agreement from the Yakima Valley Museum or Yakima Valley Libraries.

For image use on the Internet, the Yakima Valley Museum and Yakima Valley Libraries request that a link be provided to the image on the Yakima Memory website, rather than removing the image from Yakima Memory and placing it in another website. Images approved to be used for display on another Internet format outside Yakima Memory will carry the appropriate credit line and watermark (if present). Internet pages must carry a link to www.yakimamemory.org. Requests for 72 dpi images for use on the Internet may be made below:

To obtain a quote for a reproduction, please fill out the form below. (Please note that there will be a minimum $10.00 handling fee per image. These fees support the Yakima Memory Project.)

Contact Person:
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ie: 2002-801-056
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This agreement will be reviewed and you will be contacted shortly with terms, usage fees, reproduction fees, and postage as applicable. By pressing Submit, you agree to the terms outlined in this agreement.

To contact us directly, please use the following mailing address:

Yakima Valley Museum
2105 Tieton Drive
Yakima, Washington 98902

  1. Credit: Publication or display of images shall include credit to the Yakima Valley Museum.
  2. Copy to Special Collections: One copy of any publication (hard bound, if published hard bound), brochure, advertisement, etc. using images from the Yakima Valley Museum Collection shall be sent gratis to the museum for storage in the archives.
  3. Copyright law: The U.S. Copyright law authorizes libraries and archives to furnish photocopies and reproductions of copyrighted material only under certain specified conditions.  Such copies may not be used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship or research.  If a user requests or later uses a photocopy or reproduction for purposes in excess of “fair use”, that user may be liable for copyright infringement.  This institution reserves the right to refuse a copying order if, in its judgment, fulfillment of that order would involve violation of the law.
  4. One Time Use: Permission will be granted for one time use only.  Any subsequent use of a print without written permission of the Yakima Valley Museum are prohibited.  All other rights, including those of further publication are reserved in full by the Society.
  5. Return of Photographs: All photographs intended for temporary display, exhibition or other media production shall be returned to the Yakima Valley Museum.  Photos are to be returned in their original condition within two months.  A replacement fee of $25.00 will be charged for damage or unreturned photos.  This includes digital images on compact disks.
  6. Subcontracts: All subcontracts regarding the reproduction of the reproduction of these photographs pursuant to this nonexclusive license shall incorporate this agreement and all of its terms shall be applicable.  No subcontracts may be entered into for the purpose of reproducing these images without the express consent of Yakima Valley Museum.
  7. Special Permission is required if the reproduction is to appear as a frontispiece, advertisement, chapter divider, book cover/dust jacket, individual reproduction or is not referred to directly in the text.  In such cases, an additional fee may be required and all terms herein are applicable. Rerpoductions as postcards are not allowed.

Electronic Media:  Photographs used on the internet must be limited to no more than 72 dpi.

Published Photographs, Usage Fee- Prices per photograph - Prices subject to change
Books (Photos used as book cover: 2x price)

Under 499      








25,000 +                     



Under 5,000 circulation








Over 100,000




Special Use Fees

Advertising Campaign

Regional: $25.00

National: $100.00

International: $200.00

Commercial Television

National $50.00

Washington State $25.00

Public Television- local

Local $10.00

National $20.00

Commercial Exhibit

16x20 or smaller $25.00

20x24 or larger $40.00

Institutional/ Non-Profit Exhibit


Internet/Websites, commercial


Internet/Websites, non-profit




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